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Credit & debit cards


At Caja Rural de Granada we have a wide variety of cards for both individuals and businesses. We have debit, credit and prepaid cards. You will be able to pay in money at establishments, withdraw money from cash machines, make purchases on the internet, and much more, all quickly and securely.

With debit cards you will directly access the funds of your account.

With credit cards you will be able to decide to pay the following month or divide a purchase into convenient installments. With prepaid cards you will control your expenses, only adding the funds that you wish to spend.

Because security is very important for you, we have insurance with different coverage for our cards, such as to cover theft at a cash machine or fraudulent use, among others. You will be able to receive notifications of your purchases online and with your mobile.

Furthermore, our cards have the latest Contactless technology, with which you will be able to speed up your purchases by simply touching your card against Contactless terminals. We also have Sticker cards with which it will not be necessary to carry your card with you.

All of this with the guarantee of working with the best brands on the market such as Visa and Mastercard. If you wish to contract our products or obtain more information about them, contact your nearest Caja Rural de Granada branch or click on the link (more information in Spanish).

Important: In the event of theft, loss or suspicious movements on your card, contact your branch as soon as possible or by phoning 91 807 01 62 or 902 123 209. If you are outside of Spain call + (34) 91 334 67 82.